WELCOME TO Indopower International
As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we at PT Indopower International (IPI) would like to thank and appreciate our clients which have appointed us to handle their power generation projects in engineering services.IPI was established in 1996 with a mission : integrity, professional & innovation and with aim to support clients and government to develop their power generating project in engineering activities , improve efficiency, boost profitability and success of their power business activities by providing competent engineering services with stringent worldwide engineering qualities. — Dr. Ir. Harun Al Rosyid, MM, MT. —
OUR Services
IPI Company with complete resources, facilities and the engineer necessary for each assignment selected from the qualified persons who are professional in all aspects power plant & industrial engineering. IPI has complete competent, expertise and capability to offer and perform the best engineering services in the Power Plant & Industrial Business.
Competent Services
Project Feasibility study
Project Feasibility study has been ours first strong business since IPI starting activities in 1996. Successful completion of prestigious project reflects IPI commitments to satisfying clients and end user requirements.
Front End Engineering Design
Front End Engineering Design
IPI has reliable resources, expertise’s and capabilities to perform competitive engineering services. The qualified persons who are professional in all aspects power plant and Industrial Engineering.
Project Management, Engineering Review/Approval Construction & Construction supervision
Project Management, Engineering Review / Approval Construction & Construction supervision
In house skill and engineers experience in these fields provide IPI’s client with the competitiveness in the construction & engineering supervision.
Construction and Engineering Supervision
Detail Engineering Design
It’s our major Engineering strength with key Expert to analyze the best technology and cost factors to solve those requirements and implemented in the detail engineering design.
OUR Profesional Membership

IPI is member and follows the national and international professional institutions
OUR International Partnership

IPI has formal cooperation with world class engineering consulting firms to establish that IPI is a qualified international engineering firm.edfeon skmGPI



OUR Research Program In International Conferences and Forums

Involving international research to confirm that IPI continuing inprvove knowledge and continues improvements.

Our Spirit
Our Spirit

Continuous growth and improvement through reliable professional engineering services. Continuous engineering support to build more and more Power to the Country. And to have long term partnership with the Client, government, employees and supplier.


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