Scope of Services

IPI Company with complete resources, qualified persons, facilities and complete and proven experiences for all engineering stages in power plant & industrial engineering activities starting from feasibility study, Project procurement, Front end engineering design FEED, Detail engineering design-DED, Project management, supervision & commissioning up to engineering during warranty period, for all the thermal Power Plant types and renewable energy power plants.

Project Feasibility study

Project Feasibility study FS has been our first strong business since IPI was starting activities in 1996. Successful completion of prestigious projects including the first 1000 MW advance supercritical steam power plants project in 2013 and IPI has accomplished FS more than 150 projects in Indonesia which reflects in IPI commitments in advanced technology and to satisfy clients as end user requirements.IPI has proven experience to prepare bankable Feasibility study for whole type of thermal Power plants including, Combined Cycle, Steam Power, Gas Turbine, Diesel, renewable energy plants including, Geothermal power plants, Hydro power plants, Biomass power plants, and Wind energy power plants, etc.

Front End Engineering Design – FEED

IPI has proven and reliable resources, expertise’s and capabilities to perform competitive engineering services from FEED up to DED. The qualified persons who are professional in all aspects power plant and Industrial Engineering have provided the condition to be one of the world wide qualified company to undertake the following:

  1. Power plant conceptual & Basic design
  2. Front End Engineering Design
  3. Preparing technical specification and Tender document
  4. Power plant & industries project proposal
  5. Bidding Evaluation
  6. Detail Engineering Design

FEED technical study results including cost and performance provide the client with clear design basic required to advance the development of the project.

Project Management, Engineering Approval Construction Supervision and TEST Commisioning

Project Management, including Construction & Engineering Supervision is one of IPI’s major Strength activities. Indopower Int. in house skills and engineers experience in the fields provide IPI’s client with the competitive in the construction & engineering supervision. IPI’s engineers experience in this field, combined with excelent performance and well overseas trained, has placed IPI to be leading company to undertake the following works:

  1. Construction supervision for whole scale and type of Power Plants and Industries.
  2. Engineering supervision of the project starting from project contract, negotiation, contract sign up to equipment test and commissioning.
  3. IPI Engineers have satisfactorily finished more than 10 power plants construction in Indonesia.

Detail Engineering Design – DED


It’s our major Engineering strength. Indopower International teamed with key Experts to analyze, best technology and cost factors to solve those requirements and implemented in the engineering design. By using our proven design optimization, calculation, solution methodologies and by using latest world best engineering’s software, Indopower International able to achieve the best engineering design with optimum costs benefit.

All Indopower International design always consider the following criteria:

  1. Reliability
  2. Availability
  3. Maintainability

Scope of Engineering Design Will Consist of the Followings

  1. Conceptual design implemented in project design report
  2. Engineering Calculations including short circuit analysis, Piping stress analysis
  3. Engineering drawings which consist of P&ID diagrams, single line diagram, plant and piping layouts, block control diagram, isometric drawings
  4. Construction drawings, shop drawings
  5. Equipments sizing and selections, etc.


Plant Condition Assesment, Due Diligence & Plant Life Extension

The in-house highly educated, well trained, skills, experience resources combined with high technologies software’s which bring IPI capable to evaluate, to assess the plant, equipment physical conditions and evaluate the remaining plant condition, remaining life and capable to suggest, to decide further action to the client the prevent deteriorations and possibility to extent the life time of the plant, and of course it will provide the clients best economical advantages and competitive services in the following works:

  1. Complete power and industrial plant
  2. Major plant equipment i.e.boiler,gas or steam turbines

More than four Power Plant project assessments have been performed by IPI successfully.